Geographical position


Khanh Hoa which is the coastal South Central Vietnam which has the land juts out into the sea. Khanh hoa bordered PhuYen to the north, latitude of 12052’15” north, Ninh Thuan to the south, latitude of 11042’50” south, Daklak,Lam Dong  to the west, latitude 108040’33” of west, and sea to the east, latitude of 109027’55” of east.. Hon Doi cape is the east pole of Vietnam

Khanh Hoa also has the sea, continental shelf, islands, Truong Sa archipelago.


The shape and area

Khanh hoa is narrow in top and bottom but wide in middle, from north to south, Khanh hoa is 160 kilometers long, the largest area is about 60 kilometers and the narrowest is from 1 to 2 kilometers (in the north) from 10 to 15 kilometers (in the south)

The  area of  Khanh Hoa is 5.197 square kilometers, including islands and archipelago. The sea area is larger than the land. The coast is 385 kilometers long, 200 islands and coral reefs in Truong Sa archipelago.

Khanh Hoa has advantage of road, railway, seaway and airway. Nha Trang is the center of administration, economy, culture of Khanh hoa, it also the 1st ranked urban and the famous tourism center.

Moreover, Khanh hoa has advantage of economy and culture exchange to other provinces due to the 1A highway.

Khanh Hoa borders High land by 26 high way.

Truong Sa archipelago is one of Khanh hoa’s district.

According to the declaration of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the sea area includes inner sea, the width is 12 sea miles. The economic privilege is 200 sea miles. Khanh Hoa’s sea area is one of part of Vietnam.

Khanh Hoa has many seaport, especially Cam Ranh.

Nha Trang has advantage in airway, it is the station for dosmestic and international airlines.

The location of Khanh Hoa is impacted on the climate, land, creature. Besides, it is the important strategy.

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