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Announcing and honoring traditional craft villages

On the morning of December 20th, Khanh Hoa provincial People's Committee held the ceremony to announce and honor the traditional crafts, trade villages, traditional trade villagers in 2016.

Mr. Tao Anh Tuan - Deputy Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is presenting the decision to recognize trade villages, traditional trade villages.

At the announcement ceremony, 6 traditional crafts, 4 trade villagers and 1 traditional trade village in the province were honored. In particular, 6 traditional trade villagers were recognized by provincial People's Committee: Ceramic (Trung Dong hamlet, Van Binh commune, Van Ninh District); sedge mat weaving (My Trach population group, Ninh Ha ward, Ninh Hoa town); stone carving craft (Phong Phu 1  population group, Ninh Giang Ward, Ninh Hoa town); sedge mat weaving (Vinh Thai commune, Nha Trang city); Lu Cam Ngoc Hiep pottery (group 9 Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang); Phu Loc bronze casting (Phu Loc Tay 1 population group, Dien Khanh Town, Dien Khanh district). 4 trade villages including frankincense poke trade (Phu Hoi 1 hamlet, Van Thang commune, Van Ninh); stone carving craft (Phong Phu 1 population group, Ninh Giang Ward, Ninh Hoa town); chrysanthemum growing trade village (Phong Phu 2 population group, Ninh Giang Ward, Ninh Hoa town); bamboo basket weaving village (Suoi Cat hamlet, Cam Hiep Nam Commune, Cam Lam district). One traditional village is Phong Phu 1 stone carving village, Ninh Giang Ward (Ninh Hoa).

Mr. Tao Anh Tuan - Deputy Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said the recognition and honoring the craft villages, traditional villages will contribute to encourage and motivate people of communes, wards and towns in the province to restore traditional, introduced into new trades to develop production to serve the restructuring of the agricultural sector towards improve added value and sustainable development, contributing to job creation and reduction poverty, improve income associated with successful implementation of the national target program on building new rural areas. The trade villages recognized will be given the policies to support to develop and restore craft villages which are at risk of being eroded or lost.


Currently, the Khanh Hoa province has 8,178 business establishments in rural industry, in which 746 businesses and 7,432 households involved in rural industries, creating 37,688 permanent jobs for employees, income average of 3 million/ month, contributing to create jobs for rural workers, redistribution of labors from agricultural sector. Operation of rural industries in the province has an active role; with specific characteristics contribute to development of tourism activities, the potential of the provincial. In the trend of integration and development, most of the products of rural industries are facing fierce competition of other items, in which a number of occupations are facing difficulties due to lack of raw materials, lack of capital, output, so they should work perfunctorily, even some craft are in danger of disappearance such as Van Binh pottery, Lu Cam pottery, sedge mat weaving trade in Vinh Thai and Ninh Ha.

After to be recognized, the people of the village will have the opportunity to enjoy a number of preferential policies stipulated in Decree No. 66/2006/ND-CP of the Government dated July 7th 2006 on rural industries development, Circular No. 113/2006/ TT-BTC dated December 28th 2006 of the Ministry of Finance guiding some contents of the state budget to support the development of rural industries under Decree No. 66/2006/ ND-CP; Decision No. 2080 / QD-dated  August  13th 2014 of Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee.

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