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In the first two months of 2017, the state budget revenues reach more than 3,338 billion Dong

The first two months of 2017, the state budget revenues of Khanh Hoa province reaches more than 3,338 billion Dong, as 19.3% of the estimate

In 2 months of 2017, States budget revenue from local State enterprises of Khanh Hoa Province as 12.7% of the estimate. Photo:

In which, domestic revenues reaches more than 2,187 billion Dong, as 17.5% of the estimate with the revenues from: the Central State Enterprises as 15.1% of the estimate; local State enterprises as 12.7% of the estimate; FDI as 14.9% of the estimate; the non-state enterprises as 21.7% of the estimate; Land use fees as 12.8% of the estimate….In addition, revenues from import and export activities of the province reached more than 1,151 billion Dong, as 24.1 of the estimate.

The local budget balancing expenditure, in the first 2 months of 2017, the whole province disbursed more than 1,742 billion Dong, as 17.7% of the estimate. In particular, recurrent expenditure is more than 752 billion Dong, as 13.25% of the estimate.


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