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Closing human chess competition of South Central Coast area:
Chess-player Le Thanh Cong won champion trophy

After three constant competing days, on June 13th, the human chess tournament of the South Central Coast closed.

The finals ground of 2 chess- players: Luong Hai Duong and Le Thanh Cong

On the closing day there was a final match between the two players: Luong Hai Duong, Le Thanh Cong with the cliff - hanger moves, attractive plus the keen explanation of the Tran Cam Long and the performances of beautiful martial arts of the chess pieces have attracted the attention of many tourists and locals

The organizing committee is giving the certificate of merit and champion trophy for chess- players with high prizes.

At the end of the match, Mr. Le Thanh Cong won the championship. The Organizing Committee also awarded the second prize to Mr. Luong Hai Duong; third prize for Mr. Le Hung Son and Mr. Tran Thai Son (4 players come from Nha Trang City).

It is reported that this is the last sport game in the framework of Sea Festival 2017.


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