Urgently repair the damage of floods

This is the direction of Mr. Le Duc Vinh - Deputy Secretary of Khanh Hoa Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee at a meeting with the departments and localities on the afternoon of December 23rd 2016.

Vinh Hiep commune area - Nha Trang city is in severe flooding. Photo:

At the meeting, after hearing reports on the damage and resolutions to repair the consequences in the recent floods, Mr. Le Duc Vinh proposed relevant agencies and localities to urgently overcome the consequences of floods, ensure people to stable life, do not let people in starvation, no housing. Districts, towns and cities should continue to visit the families which have circumstances of the dead, the injured people, the houses collapsed, difficulties after flood to motivate people to overcome difficulties; continue to review and assess the damage, damage in transportation, agriculture... to take timely corrective measures, close to the actual situation, to ensure smooth traffic.

Localities which have the cases of collapsed houses completely need to arrange resettlement or support tenants during construction of new houses for people to have stable housing. Emergency food aids for people. Continue to check the areas where are capable of sliding to move people out of hazardous areas during storms. Agricultural industry and Rural Development should actively provide seeds for farmers to promptly organize reproduce harvest; check the disease situation for plants and animals; review the system of canals, ditches and irrigation. The health sector should coordinate with the districts, towns and cities immediately deploy environmental hygiene, medication dispensing disinfection, to ensure the disease does not occur. Finance Department uses contingency funds urgently support for the local level to overcome the consequences of natural disasters. As for Nha Trang, should examine and assess the damage in the region of Hon Xen to have suitable support…

According to the report of the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster and search and rescue of province, in the last 4 floods of November and December, the province had 9 people died, 356 houses had been destroyed or damaged; more than 13,500 hectares of rice crops were flooded, damaged; nearly 25,000 of cattle and poultry died, swept away; hundreds of thousands of m3 rock eroded, causing traffic jams, many infrastructure damaged ... Total losses were estimated at over 816 billion Dong. People’s Committee has directed the units and localities in the province to urgently overcome the consequences caused by floods, in which promptly visited and encouraged families which have people died, and direct health care for cases of people injured. Besides supporting money as required, the houses collapsed will be supported food assistance during the evacuation, help rebuild the houses ...The province also suggested Government to support: 1,500 tons of rice; 666 billion Dong; thousands of liters of chemical disinfection to overcome the damage caused by floods.


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