Khanh Hoa provincial leader meeting the US delegation participating in APEC at Nha Trang

On the afternoon of February 27th 2017, Mr. Le Duc Vinh - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Khanh Hoa provincial People’s Committee met the US delegation participating in APEC 2017 in Nha Trang lead by Ambassador Matthew J. Matthew - APEC Senior Official, Deputy assistant Secretary for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, the United States Department of State.

Mr. Le Duc Vinh - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Khanh Hoa provincial People’s Committee (on the right) is giving souvenir gift for US Ambassador Matthew J. Matthew

At the meeting, Mr. Le Duc Vinh introduced the overview of socio - economic situation, potentials and strengths of the province. At the same time he expressed his wish, through this meeting, the relationship between the US and Khanh Hoa province is growing, especially in the fields of petrochemicals, biotechnology and the increasing number of US tourists to Khanh Hoa...

Speaking at the meeting, Ambassador Matthew J. Matthew highly appreciated the thoughtful preparation of Khanh Hoa province at the APEC conference in recent days; He also wants next time, Khanh Hoa will prepare some of the contents of the legal environment, investment policy, education (improve foreign language capacity for management staff and local people) ... in order to attract investment of US businesses and tourists to Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa.



In 2016, export turnover of goods to the US market reached 202.9 million USD, accounting for 16.7% of total export turnover of the province; import turnover from US market reached 15.3 million USD. Provincial tourism industry has welcomed 27,163 visitors from the United States, accounting for 2.36% of total international visitors. At the present, Khanh Hoa province has one investment project of US investors (Project Mr. Hao Beach resort at Van Phong Economic Zone).

In 2015, the province has received the support and help of more than 15 United States non-governmental organizations, concentrated in the fields of health, social protection, and education ... with the amount of disbursement was 400,878 USD. In addition, the United States has collaborated with universities to implement activities on education and training in the province, such as organizing seminars, education counseling, seminars ...; support projects on disaster prevention in the province...

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