Awarded 110 scholarships for poor students who had outstanding achievements in learning

On the morning of August 25th 2017, Khanh Hoa Union of Friendship Organizations cooperated with the Association "Les Amis de Nha Trang" (France) to give 110 scholarships for poor pupils studying in Nha Trang city.

Mr. René Boulanger is giving scholarships for students

This year, the scholarship value of all three supports for each primary pupil is 1.5 million Dong; Secondary students: 2.1 million Dong; 2.7 million Dong for high school students and 2.7 million Dong for college students. This money will be given to the children three times a year (in January, June and August) to support poor students with good learning motivation to rise up in life.

It is known that the association "Les Amis de Nha Trang" (Association of Friends of Nha Trang) has been founded by Mr. René Boulanger (Belgium) in Nha Trang city in 11 years (2006 - 2017). Each year, the association has mobilized overseas organizations and individuals to provide about 200 million Dong to poor students in Nha Trang city.


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