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Guiding children how to make Christmas cake at InterContinental Nha Trang Hotel

At 2 PM on 17th December 2016, the chef of the InterContinental Nha Trang Hotel will guide the young visitors how to make traditional "Gingerbread house" to welcome the Christmas season.

Children will be guided how to make traditional Christmas cake. Photo: Supplied by InterContinental Nha Trang hotel.

This will be a great experience for the children to decorate the houses from sweet gingerbread pieces by themselves, connect family and enjoy warm feelings, gather in the last days of the year.

The ticket price is 350,000 Dong/per kid. Free tickets for parents or adults go with kids (Kids less than 12 ages must go with adults).

Besides, on this occasion, the hotel also applies many special programs to welcome Christmas as:

Tea break on the afternoon from 1st to December 31st 2016 with snacks and typical pastries of Christmas by Chef Dennis Barton made as: wholegrain sandwich clamp hen egg mayonnaise and cucumber; chicken curry and spreads pigeon milk bread; Smoked salmon and cheese sandwich on rye bread; Cakes with dark chocolate and chestnut rum rolls with chocolate sticks; Corn Cakes with Da Lat fresh milk covered chocolate… Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of cakes, snacks with tea, Italian coffee or Spice Christmas wine, excellent hot chocolate.

On Christmas Eve (December 24th), guests will enjoy a buffet with international and local cuisine mixing with Jazz Air warm melody. Here, the children will be given interesting gifts by Santa Claus.

At noon December 25th, also at Café Cookbook restaurant of the hotel, you'll enjoy classical food of the hotel such as French foie gras pâté, lobster tail, and typical grilled food, both watching the sky and beach of beautiful Nha Trang.

In particular, during the night December 31st, visitors will have new experiences with unique buffet, a harmonious combination between Western and Asian styles. After buffet is exciting DJ show, lottery with prizes and dropping balloon. This will be a memorable moment to farewell the old year, welcome the New Year that you and your relatives can get at the InterContinental Hotel in Nha Trang.

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