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Khanh Hoa province welcomes over one million international visitors

According to the final report of the Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee, this year, it is estimated that the local tourism industry has welcomed over 1,115 million international tourists to visit, resort with the average number of stays nearly 3.2 days/visitors, up 21% respectively and almost 26% than last year. This is the year which has the number of international visitors to Khanh Hoa highest ever and the first time reached 1 million visitors.

International yacht visited Nha Trang in November 2016.

According to the detailed statistics of Khanh Hoa tourism industry, by the end of October there are 444 thousand Chinese tourists coming to Khanh Hoa, increased 3.3 times over the same period last year and became the leading nation in the number of visitors to Khanh Hoa. In addition, Russian tourists reached more than 200,000; growth is still quite, an increase of 114% over the same period last year. In addition, the number of Indian tourists, Thailand also increases.

Currently, Nha Trang city has nearly 640 accommodations with more than 23,600 rooms; in which there are 85 three to five - star hotels. Besides, the whole province has more than 30 tourist attractions such as Hon Mun, Hon Tam, Vinpearl Land, Monkey Island; tourist sites such as Ponagar Temple, Hon Chong and entertainment services such as scuba diving, parachute, and mud baths ... meet the advanced needs of foreign visitors.

With the number of international visitors, this year, Khanh Hoa has attracted over 4.5 million domestic visitors stay and resort and about 18 million tourists visit during the day that brings the tourism revenue of the whole province reached nearly 13,000 billion Dong.


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