Art Gallery at the Bao Dai (Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa):
interesting sights

April 2009, Bao Dai tourist site officially opened the gallery material and photography gallery and artifacts related to the last emperor of the Nguyen dynasty - Bao Dai King. This has led attractiveness of tourists site significantly increasing. In just two months, the gallery has attracted over 12,000 visitors ...

Showroom located in Nghinh Phong villa- the most beautiful villa in 5 villas in Bao Dai that people still known as the Bao Dai Floor. Tourist zone is built on three hills of the Canh Long Mount- one of four famous mountains in Nha Trang. Bao Dai floor lies at an altitude of nearly 50 meters above the sea. From here, visitors can easily overlook the four directions to admire the Nha Trang Bay. According to old documents, in 1923, French scientist (original German), Mr A. Crem-Dr. Oceanography Institute has five projects designed mansion on the hilltop and three houses at the hillfoot as a place for staying and science research of Oceanography Institute. The French named for that mansions with the names of flowers planted around the garden: the first villa at the last hill jutting far out to sea is Cactus, the second villa in the next hill is Plumeria alba and the three villas on the third hill Tuesday is Bougainvillea, Royal Poinciana and Almendron. In 1926, when Emperor Bao Dai, the two villas Cactus and Plumeria alba were transferred to him and then became a resort and entertainment for the king and queen with their families. After 1954, the Cactus villa renamed Nghinh Phong and Vong Nguyet for Plumeria alba. Whatever putting into the hotel business, the villas still remain almost intact the ancient architecture. Therefore, when roaming the moss streets in shady garden tourists can not remember two sentences of the Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, "the old path with the soul of autumn grasses / Background old castle, positive shade. "

 Yet it was looking for some "autumn grasses’ soul" for this resort, Bao Dai gave a lot of effort to collect data, images and artifacts related to Bao Dai King in Hue, Da Lat… and set up this showroom .... Here, visitors will see the desk and phone that Bao Dai used to solve the task when staying here, the sofa covered red velvet, which the king used to talk to guests , a dressing table where the Queen Nam Phuong made up. The most impressive thing was the long mahogany with 2.5 m long, 1.4 m wide, 18cm thick. The shutter was made before 1930, shape, size and color remain the same, where the king often took a rest. In addition to these artifacts, it also showcases the material, images of 13 dynasties, brief history of each king, specially  data of the Emperor Bao Da, his family and history of Bao Dai floor... Ms. Tran Thi Kim Phuong - Deputy Director of Bao Dai tourists area, said: "Along with the collection of photos, artifacts, we may collect and put the clothes of the king, queen, princess worn in Hue - where sewing royal clothes to serve "take art photograph of the king throne " that many visitors are very interested. "

Kim Khanh - a visitor commented: "We can say that Bao Dai gallery was a very interesting sights. It reminds me of more and more details about the life of the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Photography services are also very interesting with the enthusiasm of the staff. However, there are a few artifacts related to the king. I hope that Bao Dai will collect more for the exhibit galleries increasingly richer. "

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