Nearly 150 medical professionals attended International Spine Conference

On March 24th 2017, in Nha Trang city took place 23rd Annual Conference of Ho Chi Minh’s Spine Association combined with the 8th International Spine Conference of Khanh Hoa General Hospital. Attending the conference was nearly 150 leading experts in spine, endoscopic surgery from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA.

Spine surgery in Khanh Hoa provincial General Hospital. Photo:

At the conference, experts listened to 13 scientific reports and discussed new issues in the treatment of knee, lumbar, mental joint, and robot application in spinal surgery. At the same time, they discussed about the 6 cases of serious diseases that experts performed spinal surgery in the past.

It is known, before, international experts and Ho Chi Minh City in the spine sector transferred technology and surgery for seven cases of difficult spinal diseases to be treated at Provincial General Hospital.


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