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Unique container hotel in Nha Trang

Ccasa Hostel is the first container hotel to be built by container at Nha Trang city. The hotel has been introduced by famous architectural magazine Archdaily (America) to readers who love architecture over the world.

The first container hotel at Nha Trang city.

In Latin, casa means house and the name Ccasa (pronounced C-casa), fully understand as Container Casa (container house). With the motto "everyone in the world is in one house", the hotel is built with minimalist design bedrooms, just for sleeping needs; the common living space is maximized to increase the connection between visitors.

The bedrooms are placed in 3 old containers painted yellow, blue, red representing 3 types of rooms, connected by airy and spacious corridors. In the kitchen and living room, guests can organize banquets, eat and chat together. The terrace is designed like a playground. At here, visitors can experience the feeling of lying in the middle of a net stretch through the high air, there they can read, play, chat with others or simply lie there and enjoy cool air.

Although made of containers, the space here does not make visitors feel hot or dry due to the system of green trees and liana and open stair system. The hotel is only 200 meters from the beach, 500 meters from the market and only 100 meters from the bus stop, so you can easily go to the beach, shopping or visit the city by bus.

Address: 24 Sao Bien Street, Nha Trang City.


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