The 5th Vietnam-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue

On the morning of August 30th, in Nha Trang city took place the 5th Vietnam-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue. The Vietnamese delegation led by Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh - Deputy Minister of Defense; The Japanese delegation led by Mr. Manabe Ro - Deputy Minister of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense of Vietnam - Japan unify continue to cooperate in many fields in the future. 

At the dialogue, the two sides exchanged the situation in the world and the region of mutual concern; evaluating the results of the implementation of cooperation contents agreed at the 4th Vietnam-Japan Defense Policy Dialogue held in Tokyo in November 2016; Expressing the good progress in defense cooperation over the past time, as well as the positive role of the authorities of the two countries in the practical implementation of the agreed content.

The two sides agreed in the coming time to continue promoting cooperation in the following fields: Exchange delegations at all levels; training and exchange of experience on United Nations peacekeeping operations; overcoming the consequences of war (handling landmines and cleaning up toxic chemicals/dioxin); network security, maritime security, defense industry cooperation and technology transfer...On the other hand, the two countries' defense ministry also agreed to create favorable conditions for defense units of the two countries to deploy activities to enhance cooperation in other areas such as rescue, rescue, military medicine and promote the exchange of information between the strategic Research Agency of defense ministry the two countries.

Speaking at the dialogue, Deputy Minister of Defense Nguyen Chi Vinh emphasized that overcoming the consequences of the war is always one of the issues that the Party, the State and the people's army of Vietnam pay special attention to invest all resources to implement and call for help from the international community. Vietnam requested Japan to consider ODA support to implement cooperation in pilot testing of toxic chemical/dioxin treatment technology at Bien Hoa airport and clearance bombs after the war.

The Japanese side also agreed to study the possibilities of cooperation in building and exploiting the Information and Foreign Language Center project of Ministry of national Defense’s Information and Communication University.


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