Tet newspaper Festival will be held from January 23rd 2017

Mr. Doan Minh Long – Chairman of Khanh Hoa Provincial Journalists’ Association said Tet newspaper Festival will be held from January 23rd 2017 (i.e December 26th on the Lunar Calendar, Year of the Monkey) to February 7th 2017 (i.e January 11th, on the Lunar Calendar, year of the Rooster)

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This year, Tet newspaper Festival will be held at the Khanh Hoa Provincial Cultural Center (No. 5, 2/4 Street, Nha Trang city). It is expected that there are more than 500 newspapers with nearly 4,000 publications to be displayed here, in which many newspapers and documents on the subject of seas, the islands of Vietnam. In particular, the organization board will select some paintings, artworks of Khanh Hoa in order to display to creating New Year atmosphere for Tet newspaper festival. During this time, Khanh Hoa Journalists’ Association will coordinate with provincial library to organize Tet newspaper festival in the cultural centers of the districts, towns of the province.

As usual, at the closing ceremony, the organization board will choose some outstanding journalism works written about Khanh Hoa province on Tet publications to award to the writers; after the closing ceremony, Tet newspapers publications sponsored by enterprisers will be given to the provincial library, cultural centers of districts, towns, cities, and military in Spratly district of Khanh Hoa province.


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